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Isothermal Covers

Reusable insulated covers available in all formats.
Isothermal Covers

The reusable isothermal covers and bags are unique three-layer high-density covers that guarantee excellent insulation to keep products at the required temperature (frozen, refrigerated, environmental, hot, etc.).

Each layer is 3.5 cm thick:

  • Inner layer: reflective sheet.
  • Middle layer: Insulation fibre.
  • Outer layer: PVC sheet.

Adaptable to any format or colour

Reusable isothermal bags available in a wide range of formats and colours: from individual vaccine carriers or Patient Bag (0.1 l) up to a maximum of 150 litres.

The isothermal bags can also be made-to-measure to fit requirements.

Excellent thermal insulation

The isothermal bag's thickness and density ensure a reliable cold chain at any temperature range.

Adding cold packs to the isothermal bag makes it possible to extend transport autonomy.

The materials used to manufacture the isothermal bag ensure a high level of thermal protection and long useful life, which amortises the investment.

1 - 150 liters
up to 12 hours
-20掳小 +2掳小~+8掳小 +15掳小~+25掳C
DSF 18 250x250x290 18 0,4 5
DSF 36 400x300x300 36 0,9 5
DSF 55 450x350x350 55 1,0 5
DSF 87 450x450x430 87 1,9 5

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