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Ecommerce Sector

Perishable Food

Case history

A high range charcuterie manufacturer contacted Tempack because it wished to set up a virtual shop (e-commerce).

Given the perishable and temperature sensitive nature of the product, the manufacturer needed an isothermal packaging that ensured the cold chain would remain unbroken throughout the entire transport process.

Furthermore, the manufacturer did not have much warehouse space and needed a space-saving, practical and highly efficient solution.

On the other hand, our customer wanted a packaging solution that would enable attractive, high range product packaging, reason for which the manufacturer rejected the normal white EPS box.


Triple requirements of the new packaging:

  • Integrity of the perishable product, ensuring maintenance of the cold chain.
  • Reduction in storage costs, derived from the use of a smaller product.
  • Attractive packaging that denotes the high value of the product it contains.


Isothermal packaging for refrigerated foods transport

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Tempack's R&D department analysed, in collaboration with a German courier firm, the environmental temperatures during the national logistics process.

Based on the net size of the product to be transported, an isothermal Lipbox combined with hydratable cold packs was qualified.

Our certified laboratory qualified the packaging solution with the defined product simulating the environmental temperature profiles analysed, with which the customer could be sure that its product would be kept within the required temperature range throughout its entire transport.

The end-consumers were also satisfied as they received the perishable product in perfect condition, thanks to the unbroken cold chain.

Tempack's isothermal Lipbox is the best solution for sending perishable food. It is sent collapsed, resulting in an 80% space saving, as well as in storage costs compared to standard white EPS boxes.

The aluminium finish gives the packaging gives an attractive, modern and high-range product appearance.

Refrigeration was ensured using hydratable cold packs, which are highly efficient, economic and perfectly suitable for single use.

  • Product:
    • Perishable food
  • Maximum transport time:
    • 24-48h
  • Product temperature:
    • 0掳C ~ +7掳C
  • Environmental temperature:
    • Those generally found in Central Europe
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