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Biomedical Sector

UN3373 Biological Samples

Case history

A benchmark laboratory in clinical analyses needed to transport human biological samples for analysis from its facilities in Southern Spain to its headquarters in Barcelona.

The samples were placed in racks containing 40 test tubes and they needed to be maintained within a temperature range of -15潞 C to +5潞 C for at least 48 hours.


Collection of blood samples for analysis in Seville to be transferred to the Barcelona laboratory.

The customer required light, reusable packaging that could be easily handled by the technicians at the extraction point.

Given that the test tubes were made of glass, the system had to be robust and provide protection against any possible impacts.


Isothermal packaging for biological samples transport

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At Tempack, the samples were prepared in polystyrene racks with capacity for 40 test tubes. In turn, these were placed in the Diagnobag A4 hermetic bags together with the absorbent equipment (in compliance with the triple packaging system specified in packaging instruction P650).

Given the time of year in which the tests were carried out and the transport circuit used by our customer, it was necessary to ensure that the system was capable of constantly supporting high temperatures.

As this product is insensitive to freezing, a significant amount of thermal mass was included to ensure maximum stability during transport.

  • Product:
    • UN 3373 biological substances
  • Maximum transport time:
    • 24h
  • Product temperature:
    • -15掳C ~ +5掳C
  • Environmental temperature:
    • Road transport, Spain, summer
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